Art With Interest Holidays

Welcome To Our Art Holidays In Portugal & France For 2018

This tailor made holiday is deliberately competitively priced to make it accessible and encourage you to tap into you artistic talents.  You will be in a relaxed and sociable environment, with locally sourced healthy meals and activities. Price is £600 per person per week, including tuition, meals transfers and accommodation.

Art With Interest would suit anyone with an artistic interest past or present. At the end of the week you will feel refreshed and inspired.

Who Will Teach You

The enthusiastic experienced tutors will bring out the creative in you, advance your knowledge, and give you confidence. Unlike many other art courses, the  options allow for days packed with tuition and interesting activities - such as kayaking, sailing, horse riding, walking and yoga. Or stay in the studio and carry on drawing if you prefer!

Where Will You Be

The courses are based in beautifully restored historic buildings in the Algarve in Portugal, and Gascony in France.


Olhao is the perfect place to feel far away from the international tourist crowd. It is an old working fishing town with the largest fish market in the Algarve, has great local character and faded grandeur from its prosperous past as a major sardine canning town. (If you think that you might like Havana, then this is the town for you).


Sos is in the old province of Gascony which is still relatively undiscovered and therefore the “tourist industry” in the area is relatively underdeveloped. It is a typical French Village on a hilltop in Gascony surrounded by forest and sunflower fields.

Why Should You Come

You will have a really enjoyable and sociable week where you can take a refreshing break from the pressures and demands of working life and kick back to a relaxed pace looking at colour, light, and form - not just in art work, but in everything around.

White Terraces accommodation in Olhao
White Terraces accommodation in Olhao
Art With Interest


I found the art sessions very useful - I think because I was a complete beginner there was a lot that Jude could direct me on, and I felt able to ask if needed throughout sessions.

Overall I found it a fantastic experience, and so reasonably priced. It was so fun and relaxing, the perfect combination of activities, exploring, and eating amazing food/wine!

Thank you so much, looking forward to the next one!

(Mia France 2017)